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Odette Farrell

Odette Farrell


Preferred Medium: 
Oil on Canvas
Preferred Style: 
Figurative Expressionist
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
Since I was a little girl I love drawing. I was lucky enough to travel and the places I enjoyed most were Art Galleries. Watching at some paintings transported me to places with no time and no space... on year 2000 I saw a painting by Egon Schiele and it touched me so deeply that I decided to pick up the brushes myself.
Formal Training: 
Informal Training: 
Other influences: 
Admired Artists: 
Egon Schiele
Euan Uglow
Hughie O'Donoghue
Role of figurative art: 
Nowadays our world is crowded with images: photograhy, movies, publicity, tv and all media. There are so many than we hardly "see" them. But FIGURATIVE ART does not have anything to do with those banal images. Luis Caballero says that Painting is just the opposite: the sacralization of an image....and I agree with this. A Figurative painting is a charged image, it is the result of the visual digestion of a painter, that's why a good painting will always catch our attention, it is a "pregned" image, it has something of the artist inside. And it has its own life as well ... that's why it enraptures us!
Favorite Gallery: 
The National Gallery
Other Interests: 
Yoga As I am a painter of Human Landscapes... the different postures of the body are a response to outside different situations. Practicing Yoga is essential to my research.