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How are you involved in making Go Figurative work?: 
I co-founded Go Figurative with Sally in November 2008. As a qualified solicitor (no longer practising), I look after the legal side of Go Figurative. It is my role to make sure that the services we provide are ethical, fair and, above all, legal.
Preferred Style: 
American Realism
Extent of art knowledge : 
Learning all the time.
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
I tried my hand at bold geometric abstract canvasses many years ago and managed to get a commission and a few pieces exhibited at a charity exhibition. However I think I'll stick to the legal issues surrounding art rather than creating the art itself.
Admired Artists: 
Edward Hopper
Role of figurative art: 
To allow people to escape from their own reality by transporting them to a new reality.
Favorite Gallery: 
A small gallery in Safed in Northern Israel where I wanted to buy every piece of work.