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David Downes

David Downes


Preferred Medium: 
Pen and ink
pen and ink and acrylic
Preferred Style: 
Detailed precise style mixed with expressionist approach to do with skies and water and trees, like a visual language.
Extent of art knowledge : 
Unusual compositions and ability to know what things look like from above and in some cases can remember a view and do at least 60% from my head. Enjoy landscapes, seascapes also sketching urbanscapes, landscapes, people and animal.
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
Continually developing
When did you first describe yourself as an artist?: 
Been one all my life
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
As a child I could communicate through drawing before I could speak properly. I could draw in perspective and appeared in Six Children Draw in 1976. I had an exhibition in London as a child and I appeared in the book Artists Emerging by the late Sheila Paine.
Formal Training: 
M.A. in Communication Design - The Royal College of Art, London
P.G.D. in Narrative Sequential Illustration – Brighton University
H.N.D. in Commercial Illustration – Anglia University
Informal Training: 
As a child I was very influenced and encouraged by my mother and growing up in a countryside I was influenced by farms, cottages, churches, road junctions and signage and the weather and imaginary cities partly inspired by my Granny living in Walsall. At art school I was influenced by my contemporaries. I had an art exhibition in 1999 at the Fox Reformed Wine Bar, Stoke Newington, Church Street and a friend said Are you able to draw things from unusual compositions? And I said I can.
Admired Artists: 
As a child I was very influenced by Constable and Gainsburgh.
Later on war artists like Paul Nash, Edward Bawden and Eric Ravillious.
Role of figurative art: 
It is the beginning and the end. Drawing should never be seen as the formative. It is the role of figurative artists to not only be representational but also to have their own imagination. All the best conceptual, installation and abstract artists have a grasp of a classical understanding of figurative work and a skill of drawing together with a vision.
Favorite Gallery: 
Tate Modern, MOMA
Other Interests: 
Cricket, sport and participation games like pool, pub games and running. Also politics, history and the weather.
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
I don’t even notice it sometimes, it is just part of me and everything I do.