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Carolyn Jordan

Carolyn Jordan


Preferred Medium: 
oils, watercolour, gouache
Preferred Style: 
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
Above all I am a good draughtsman - to me it is an essential element, even if one should choose to become an abstract artist! People are my favourite subject which, apart from my 'staging' of people in various, sometimes humerous situations, has led to a number of commissions for portraits (I have shown at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters when in the UK.) My greatest satisfaction is that my work is recognized and admired by my peers, and that, to me, is all important.
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
Since childhood my one ambition in life was to become a painter, and that was my special talent; winning first prize every year at the French Lycée, then clinching a place at St. Martin's with a precocious A level at boarding school. Then began the hard slog to move on and up in spite of the many hurdles put in my path, many moves and three children to bring up on my own. Nobody said it was going to be easy !
Formal Training: 
St. Martin's
3 yrs as an apprentice to Jaro Hilbert, Paris
Informal Training: 
Life drawing at 'La Grande Chaumière, Paris
Other influences: 
My role model and mentor was Jaro Hilbert, a grand old man who had been employed as the court painter by the last King of Egypt ! He not only believed in my future but put his money where his mouth was by letting me use his own Parisian studio every day. I owe him a great deal.
Admired Artists: 
Vermeer, Schiele, Hopper, Wyeth, Rauchenberg, Dix, Rembrandt, Goya, and so many others it would take too long to enumerate! Veronese, Titian, Mantegna etc.
Role of figurative art: 
At last figurative art is back with a vengeance - let's hope it stays this time .... a lot of us are fed up with art from the past few decades but sadly it does reflect a decadence of our way of life where money and instant fame are all. We had lost our mirror and our soul. The public were easily duped by the marketing gurus who still run the so-called 'Art Market'. In the meantime the human figure and beautiful landscapes were shunned in favour of elephant dung - what a legacy !
Other Interests: 
Music: I have to listen to music while I work. My present husband is writing a book on the history of music so we have many musician friends and go to a lot of concerts. Otherwise, literature with a soft spot for crime novels, especially. Swimming in the sea !
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
Without painting my life would be meaningless; like a dancer who cannot function without barre training every day.