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Alexandrina Karadjova Acrista

Alexandrina Karadjova Acrista


Preferred Medium: 
Soft pastel
Preferred Style: 
Figurative Realism with a touch of fantasy
Describe the extent of your talent as an artist: 
Alexandrina Karadjova - Acrista is a contemporary Bulgarian artist. She is best known for her exquisite feminine paintings, revealing her poetic vision of the world. The figures, featuring in her work, subjects of her vivid imagination, tell so many stories and are so emotionally rich, that admirers often ask if they are real people. After painting in soft pastels for more than a decade, for the past few years Acrista has been focused on mastering the oils and further developing her artistic skills and variety of themes. The artist has in her portfolio more than 15 exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, and also many charity projects. Her artwork is in private collections worldwide. Due to the exceptionally high demand for her paintings for the last few years, and her work on various art projects and commissions for private and corporate spaces, it is only this fall that Acrista will manage to finally dedicate resources to a long expected exhibition and a brand new astonishing art catalogue, coming before the end of the year.
Describe your early memories of your emerging talent as an artist?: 
I remember drawing since I was a little girl, carrying my pastels and sketchbook everywhere, spending hours literally absorbed in the process. Ever since making art has become such a passion that I need it everyday like air and breathing. I like to quote the pastel artist Harley Brown, who says: "I am not a serious artist, I am a happy artist". Because I have found my vocation: to create beauty out of everything I get in touch with.
Admired Artists: 
Andre Kohn
Andrew Atroshenko
Zhaoming Wu
Richard Johnson
Other Interests: 
Marketing, movies, music, psychology, books, traveling etc.
A one line summation of your relationship to art: 
My art is a storyteller that gives you a piece of exquisiteness.